List of Artists

  • Bhutanese-Nepali Folk– performs live Nepali traditional and contemporary music at cultural festivals and music festivals.
  • Bhutanese-Nepali Dancers– perform Nepali and Hindi dances to recorded music.
  • Traditional Burmese dancers– solo or small group dances from Burma.
  • Children’s Ballet Dancers- Have performed with the Leatherstocking Ballet shows of the Nutcracker and the Lion King.
  • Karen (from Burma) Don Dancers– highly trained traditional Karen dancers perform at the Karen New Year in January, and other times by request. This is a large group (40+ individuals) but can also be done in smaller groups.
  • Karen Tabernacle Youth Dancers- perform traditional bamboo and rope dances.
  • Karen (from Burma) traditional Karen “poem-songs” performed with mandolin.
  • Toxik– Karen (from Burma) teen dancers perform to global hip-hop and K-pop music.
  • Traditional African Somali Bantu Dancers.
  • Other types of traditional dance and song, as well as speakers, may also available upon request.

One thought on “List of Artists

  1. I am wondering if there was a calendar, as I belong to the Utica camera club, and would like to take some different photos of the dancers etc. and there costomes etc.


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